8th Annual "Drive Out Hunger Golf Outing"

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Save the date April 18th. Come join us to help remove hunger as a learning barrier. We are in need of sponsors, please call us at 407-782-5785. Thank you

Pantry dedication in Honor of Lt. Debra Clayton

Jones High School

Dec. 11th, 2017

Sadly, Children Are the New Face of Homelessness in Central Florida!

           In fact, Central Florida (*Seminole County) has the highest per capita population of homeless students in the Nation. These children are not hundreds or thousands of miles away in a far-off country; they are right here in our community. Although our local schools provide free breakfast and lunch, children often go hungry in the evenings, on the weekends, and during the summer break. Imagine going without food from lunch time today until breakfast tomorrow. Now imagine going without food from lunch on Friday until breakfast on Monday. No child should have to go hungry or worry about food!

With Your help We Can Change The World!